finding Endings and Beginnings

It’s Friday, 26th June 2020

And so it’s goodbye …

To short weekends and back to work Mondays 

To 9 to 5.30s, and gone too soon lunch hours 

To coffee to go and tea spilt on the keyboard

To work shoes with heels, and white shirts with pressed collars

To timelines and lead times and far too short deadlines

To conference calls, phone calls and over-run meetings

To log ins, and updates and change all your passwords

To trashing the spam and scrolling the inbox 

To targets and forecasts and need this tomorrow

To monitors, laptops, and flat hair from head-phones

To microsoft teams, powerpoint, excel spreadsheets

To flip charts, ring-binders, lost pens and highlighters

To daily reporting and one-to-one training

To stress, early starts, long hard days and exhaustion  …


To thank god it’s Fridays and have a good weekend

To drinks machine banter and after work wine-bars

To hitting the target and smashing the deadline

To pay days, poets days, holidays, and lieu days

To teamwork, and being there and how can I help you

To getting to know some extraordinary people

Who respected my work and even said thank you


And to my wonderful colleagues through all this

I’ve loved my jobs and yet, in the end 

it’s really only them

I’ll miss